Academy Life

Central to our martial arts training program is the concept of community. At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, we take great pride in cultivating a tight-knit and supportive community. Our dedicated instructors and staff make it a point to build personal relationships with each student and their parents. We are genuinely invested in understanding and helping you achieve your goals, whether they are for your child or yourself.

Tiger-Rock firmly believes that martial arts is a collaborative journey involving the student, the parent(s), and the instructors. In this Tiger-Rock location, we foster a team-oriented martial arts academy where students actively bolster each other’s progress through teamwork, cooperation, and the bonds of friendship.

We put the student first

At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Keller, we conduct lessons six days a week, from Monday through Saturday. Our class schedules are designed to accommodate different age groups and belt ranks. For our younger students, lessons usually commence after 4 pm, while our adult students typically start after 7:30 pm.

To ensure a smooth and punctual learning experience, we kindly request that students arrive at least 10 minutes ahead of their scheduled lesson time. Please note that students who arrive late will not be permitted to participate in the class. We value punctuality as it contributes to a productive and focused training environment.

Advance yourself throughout the year

Students have the opportunity to advance in belt rank up to six times within a calendar year. Your dedicated Tiger-Rock instructor will provide a thorough explanation of the structure of these Belt Exams, including the rules and qualifications for participation.

It’s important to emphasize that Belt Examinations hold a significant place within Tiger-Rock membership. These examinations serve as a vital tool for assessing a student’s growth in martial arts, as well as their development in essential life skills and self-defense abilities.

The art of competition

At Tiger-Rock, martial arts isn’t just a practice; it’s also a dynamic competitive sport. Our students have the exciting opportunity to engage in fast-paced and action-packed tournaments three times annually.

The Fall and Spring Tournaments are local events, drawing participants from the nearby metropolitan area, where students can showcase their skills and compete against peers.

In contrast, the National Championship event, held in July, is a grand affair, attracting Tiger-Rock competitors from all corners of the country. This large-scale destination tournament provides a remarkable platform for our students to test their abilities at a national level.